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About NATI

Established in 1988, the North American Training Institute (NATI) is a private, not-for-profit, Minnesota-based corporation.

NATI's expertise lies in the development and presentation of professional training programs and courses, research facilitation, and the distribution of research-based information on the topics of pathological and underage gambling.

NATI studies treatment techniques, methods, and programs; provides public awareness and education strategies; designs educational curricula; and operates a problem gambling helpline service.

NATI has convened public policy think tanks for the purpose of discussing concerns and strategies for the management of problem gambling. In addition, NATI designs responsible gaming programs for the gaming and wagering industries. All of NATI's services, products and initiatives are extensively evaluated and field-tested.

The goal of NATI's training programs is to provide specific knowledge and advanced clinical understanding to treatment providers. NATI also serves the medical community by providing continuing medical education (CME) programs.

NATI is committed to the use of technology in its educational methods. Through efficient information dissemination, NATI strives to provide broad access to the most up to date research-based data, publications, and other resources related to problem gambling.